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Beta Version 0.7 Out

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the inaugural WishRadar (WR) blog post. We're pretty excited about getting this thing off the ground. Here is the place to read about new features, WR news in general, relevant topics of interest for Jonathan, David or myself (Jason), etc.

Let's get some official business out of the way. For you beta testers out there, we just released version 0.7 last night that has some features and fixes you've been kind enough to request and/or discover. Please do continue to poke around the site and let us know if we're making progress or have only served to embarrass ourselves and those we love. These things happen. At any rate, the list:

  • Added Pre-Order Button for items not yet available
  • Added a preference that will show you the shipping costs of marketplace items
  • You can know choose how many items we show you per page
  • Added how-it-works videos for bookmarklet and adding an item
  • You can now completely hide your wishlist from other users -- there's a new setting on your preferences page
  • Fixed Forgot Password
  • In-page editor for target price on My WishRadar page
  • Made deleting an item on WR send you back to the page you were viewing.
  • Fixed Control Panel formatting in Internet Explorer
  • Added RSS feed for WishRadar items (note: this may be super-pre-beta-beta)
  • Added SMS notification feature (note: this may be even more super-pre-beta-beta than RSS)
  • Resurfaced Footer on Internet Explorer (oops)
  • Removed "Delete" Setting from anonymous viewing (also oops)
  • Required Username for sign-up (feel free to add/change your if you signed up only with an email)
  • Presented username instead of email address in shared WishRadars
  • Added News/Blog page (duh)
  • Fixed/Improved misc. copy

Thanks again to our beta testers for helping us out. We promise to remember you fondly when we're gazillionaires.

If you're not a beta tester, but are green with envy at all the beta fun you're not having right now,  please shoot us an email (use either Jason, David or Jonathan and we'll invite you to the party, unless you're a total tool or some other equally compelling reason prevents us from doing so.

We're all reading the comments here, so feel free to wax eloquent.

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