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1.0 release - Hello World!

WishRadar is officially non-beta. We're live. Out there. Hat in the ring. Working hard for the money. So hard for it, honey.

We've made a lot of improvements to the site and service for 1.0. Here is a woefully incomplete list of the things we were able to accomplish:

  • Get SMS notifications when your target price is matched (Note: check your email settings on your preferences page to hook this up).
  • Compare prices in the real world to prices at amazon via your mobile (Note: this is way cool. Check here for how you can use this).
  • Added new flashy Flash intro (Thanks Surya)
  • Switched to better, faster hosting (Note: These guys rock. I think they're ninjas.).
  • Added a "Share" page that allows you to send out emails, pass along your WishRadar link, and subscribe to your WishRadar via RSS.
  • You can hide product images on the table view now.
  • Fixed gobs of bugs that our beta testers were able to find for us.
  • Surfaced signup for anyone to use.

Any problems? Lavish praise? A quick email to Jason, David or Jonathan at wishradar dot com would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everybody who helped us get this far.

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