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WishRadar Now Half as Good (wait, that doesn't sound right)

A festive Halloween to you and yours. I myself am currently dressed as that lame-ass guy who decided he couldn't be bothered to throw a costume together. Literally, every single other person I work with is dressed up. I suck.

Fortunately, like any professional marketer worth his salt, I get to shroud my lameness in a haze of good news that resulted from other peoples' very hard work. If you log into WishRadar, you'll notice that some best prices are no longer from Amazon, but are instead available at half.com. Jonathan, David and Brian worked pretty hard to get half.com integrated. You can't import a wishlist from there yet, but we now check both sites to bring you the best price. I'm kind of impressed at how even the split is for where I can find the cheapest items. On my WishRadar, for example, about half the items are cheaper on Amazon than half.com, and vice versa. That sort of justifies the efforts right there.

You'll also notice the addition of the "bought" button next to all of the items on your WishRadar. Click on that button, and the item will disappear from your active list.

As always, do contact us if you find anything weird happening or wish to shower us with love and affection.

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