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We just launched a new feature, originally suggested by one of our subscribers. If you log into your WishRadar, you should be able to append notes to your target items. Possible uses for this feature:

  • If you use WishRadar to gift shop for other people, this is a great way to remember that the Barry Manilow box set is for your Mom, and not your personal trainer.
  • I use it to remember which songs I really liked on a particular CD.
  • Add star (well, asterisk) ratings on stuff so that people can see how much you REALLY want something.


And don't forget to update your WishRadar's as we enter the busiest shopping season of the year.

eMusic gets pricier

I don't want to sound like I am reveling in this, because I'm not, even though one could sustain an argument that they compete with WishRadar on some theoretical level. I love eMusic and have been a member for a few months now. I dig eMusic because a) they are cheaper than iTunes, b) they don't have any sucky DRM crap attached to the songs I download, and c) they force me to leave my comfortable, womb-like musical sphere of 80's one-hit-wonders and 90's college rock and find some real gems. eMusic treats its customers better (and by "better" I mean "not like criminals"), and they promote some ignored or forgotten, but generally very worthy talent.

But with the price increase, one wonders if being the Robin Hood of the online music industry is a valid business model. I don't want to second guess too much. I hope it is, as some might suggest, merely a price increase for a still-very-reasonably-priced service, rather than a sign that the end is near. I think people need a bunch of alternatives to buy music, be it through independent, bricks-and mortar music stores, non-restrictive online options options like eMusic, and of course, a healthy second-hand market, made accessible by yours truly (note: I was plugging WishRadar there. Go. Sign up now. Do it.).

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