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WishRadar 1.4: Shiny new features in time for the holidays

Happy December 5, everybody. We at WishRadar celebrated the respective birthdays of Margaret Cho and Pope Julius II by releasing version 1.4 of WishRadar, with these juicy new features:

  • Search for items on WishRadar - You can now search for items at Amazon using the WishRadar magic search box, now located at the top of every page. Enter URLs or ASIN numbers, or even general search terms, like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Richard Nixon" or "Gummy Worms."
  • Use UPC codes to search - Some of our alert customers noticed for us that Half.com only provides UPC codes, whereas we were expecting ASIN or ISBN codes. We now accept random, meaningless product identification numbers on an equal opportunity basis. Go crazy with your UPCs.
  • Print View - In addition to the List and Table views, you can now see your WishRadar in a "print view," which basically amounts to....text. But still, that can be useful for copying/pasting, viewing on smaller devices (e.g., mobile phones), and the aforementioned "printing."
  • Gift Certificates - You can now buy Amazon gift certificates through WishRadar. I know the purpose of having a WishRadar is so that people will know exactly what to buy you. That being said, some people just cannot bring themselves to purchase stuff on your list, regardless of how hip or relevant you think you are. Dig this scenario: A card carrying Democrat sends his WishRadar to his Republican sister for assistance with holiday shopping. The WishRadar contains The Fog of War, An Inconvenient Truth, and a biography of Che Guevara. The sister wants to get her brother something because she really does love him, but physically can't force herself to click the "buy" button on any of those particular items. Gift certificates to the rescue - saving family members from buying things they detest or can't comprehend for generations.
  • Tags - On the list view, you now have the opportunity to add tags. Click on the tags after you add them and we'll show you a filter of only the items with that tag. Tags are the basic building blocks for filing items however you want them. Pretty soon, you'll see a lot more action with tags at WishRadar.

Thanks to everybody who has emailed with their questions and feedback. It's nice to hear from you. Keep 'em coming (contact @ wishradar dot com).


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