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WishRadar Geeks to Live at Lifehacker

We'd like to thank our new best friends at Lifehacker for their kind review of WishRadar yesterday. Seeing WishRadar on a site that we read every day was certainly fun, not to mention the fact that it introduced us to many of you. So yes, if the good people at Lifehacker need a reference to get onto Santa's "nice" list this year, give me a call.

One of the great things about a new influx of customers is a new influx of ideas and suggestions (and the odd bug report, but let's not bring everybody down). Here are probably the most common requests/comments:

  • More sources for wishes - Apparently, Amazon and Half aren't enough for you people. And we dig that. We're looking at new sources, and ask your patience with it. Not all sources play as nicely with affiliates services as Amazon. Others of you want to at least be able to add items to your WishRadars from other sites, even if we only check prices at Amazon and Half. Got it.
  • Some sort of browser extension or widget to add items - That's kind of what we hoped the bookmarklet would do, but we're reading that you want more. Always more. You people exhaust me.
  • Amazon.co.uk - I don't know how many people actually live in Great Britain, but I speculate that every single one of them has emailed us with a request to support the UK version of Amazon. This is more complicated than it sounds, but we hear you loud and clear on this.
  • The "Share" link is broken - Hey, I thought we decided we weren't going to discuss bugs? We had an agreement. (It's fixed, but don't let it happen again)
  • My wishlist didn't import from Amazon - Yeah, we had a little slowness yesterday with our interface with Amazon. Imagine, if you will, that whenever you ask WishRadar to import a wishlist from Amazon, the two sites engage in a metaphorical "handshake". Yesterday, for whatever reason, instead of offering a hand in friendship, we inadvertently flipped Amazon the metaphorical "bird," which resulted in Amazon giving us a metaphorical "kick to the throat." We have since bought Amazon metaphorical "flowers" and now everything is going smashingly. If you experienced problems yesterday, your wishlist should be imported already. If you are still running into any problems, please contact us.

We'll be working hard to get you as many WishRadar wishes as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your comments, and please keep them coming (contact @ wishradar dot com).


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Uh oh. The ants.com guys have another startup. It's offically another bubble. :-)

Good luck guys.


The one feature I miss from my Amazon wish list is the "priority" option. Sometimes I add an item that I'm only thinking about getting. The best way to get that across on WishRadar is to put my target price ridiculously low.

Great site guys!

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