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WishRadar in the Wall Street Journal

That's right. If you checked page D2 in your copy of today's Wall Street Journal, you would have seen a nice little article about online gift listings, including WishRadar. I don't want to sound disappointed with the press given by the WSJ (I'm not), but I was hoping for a little bit more color. I figured we'd be a feature worth at least 12 or 15 column inches. Something personal to connect us with the teeming masses of financial wizards who comprise the paper's readership. Maybe a mention about David's obsession with Romantic Comedies. Or Jonathan's near mutant ability to mix a martini that makes Isaac from the Love Boat look like a Girl Scout selling lemonade. Or even a desperate plea on behalf of Brian's many lady WishRadar fans out there to bring back the blue faux-hawk.

We're grateful for the mention, and are available any time for the follow-up. :)


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