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Sadly, Amazon is not giving away free stuff....

Some of you may have received email blips from WishRadar this morning with the fantastic news that ALL of your things you've wished for are available for ZERO dollars on the Amazon marketplace.

While this does admittedly sound like fantastic news, I'm afraid it's a bit of an exaggeration (read: patently not the case). Our email system, in an effort to find the best deals for us all, got overly excited at something the Amazon marketplace told it and jumped the gun a wee bit. Think "Chicken Little," but replace the chicken with an overenthusiastic email system and "The Sky is Falling" with "BUY! QUICK!!! BUUUYYYY!!!! WHY AREN'T YOU BUYING?!?!!! BUYBUYBUY!"

We will be giving the email system a very stern talking-to over the next day, during which time you may receive fewer email blips than you are used to. We dreadfully apologize for the inconvenience.

You never know until you ask....

I just added the coolest thing ever to my WishRadar from Amazon. I am not likely to get it as a gift.

I know that a $200 wish price tag is lowballing a bit, but maybe a few of these bad boys will end up used on Half.

Either way, click through to the Amazon page and read the comments. Good stuff.

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