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Name Your Own Price for Paste Magazine

In the immortal words of USA Today (I can't believe I just typed that), the tremendously awesome Paste Magazine "pulled a Radiohead" and decided to offer 1-year subscriptions and renewals to their magazine for whatever their readership thinks is fair. Unlike the new Radiohead album, you can't get the magazine for free, but you can get it for as little as one dollar. I paid somewhere between the minimum and the $19.95 list price. If you are a patron of the arts, you can pay more than the suggested subscription price, and you will get your name published in an upcoming issue. I'm desperately curious to know whether Paste (who arguably does not enjoy the same relative market share in the magazine industry as Radiohead does in the music industry) will take a bath on this or will end up (as I hope and suspect) walking away with triple the readers and money they would have seen otherwise.

The magazine comes with a kick-ass music sampler that usually maps one-to-one with my WishRadar items and emusic album downloads for the month. I love this magazine (note: I'm gushing from pure fanaticism- WishRadar doesn't have any gig with the good people at Paste).

I haven't be shy about saying this: People value the same things differently. That's why second-hand markets and auction sites are so vibrant. A lot of traditional businesses are leaving loyal subscribers/customers on the table because they are fighting this natural tendency, and a lot of maverick (by traditional business standards) players will grow (Paste) or continue to be leaders (Radiohead) for running in the opposite direction. I hope it works out for them.


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Jonathan Nolen

Awesome. I just subscribed. Have considered doing it before, but didn't feel it was worth it. (Of course, this could end up screwing me over, if they re-up my subscription for full price in 12 months, after I've forgotten to cancel.)

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